mark clayborne

Debt Settlement with Mark Clayborne

TweetAre dealing with Debt Collectors and your trying to figure out if Debt Settlement is for you. Check out this interview I was invited to by Mark Clayborne Amazons Best Selling Author of Hidden Credit Repair Secrets.

Do you know the difference in Income?

Tweet Many people spend their whole lives working without really understanding what type of income they are actually generating. These individuals do not know if money is working for them or are they working for money. If you  do not understand the concept and inverse relationship between Leverage vs. Linear Income, then you definitely do not understand if you’re working
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4th of july

[Video] Are you Debt Collectors Stealing your Liberty!

TweetYesterday was Independence day the 4 of July, which is the day the US became an Independent country  and America was born. If you are an American are you allowing Debt Collectors to steal your Liberty and commit crimes against you. I did a quick video yesterday sharing with you, 3 Crimes that Debt Collectors may be committing against you
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[Video] Money Does Not Worry about You!

TweetWhy do we worry about money when money is not even tangible.  Most of the monetary currency that circulates is mostly online, we don’t even see it. We bank online. When we get paid it is directly deposited into our bank accounts. If we sell products or services online, we use payment processors. And now there is the Virtual currency
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Yakezie BlogCarnival

Yakezie Personal Finance Carnival

TweetIf you enjoy reading and engaging with bloggers in the area of Personal Finance.  This week I am the  hosting the Yakezie Carnival,  make sure you check out to if you want to read more great Personal Finance blogs. CAPI @ Creating a Passive Income writes Why You Shouldn’t Depend on Social Security Anymore – If you’re one of
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