Blogger vs WordPress: A 2013 Comparison

TweetI started blogging in 2009, my first blog was the Godaddy blog platform Blogcast.  Although it was easy to get  started and can be connected to my  website with no problem.  There were many limitations with the Godaddy blog platform, so I decided to make a  switch to WordPress. But what I didn’t know when I made the switch, that
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A World of Perfection

TweetImagine a world of no mistakes and everybody is perfect. Well uh, wake up and welcome to reality. The  world of perfection does not exist. Although we have been condition since childhood, to always be PERFECT. Strive for PERFECTION. But guess what whether you know it or not PERFECTION does not EXIST. Many adults continue to stay stagnant and stifle,
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Why it is important to Create Online Assets


How to Monetize your Intellectual Capital Online

Tweet  In the previous blog post I explain to you, that we are currently in a new economy.  In order for an individual to thrive he or she must leverage their knowledge, skills and abilities in order to survive financially.  Thriving in the new economy is not about how hard can I work it’s about, it’s about creating an asset
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talents gifts

How to Monetize your God Given Gifts

TweetI am currently doing a series entitled “Breaking Free of Income Limitations”, and in the series I talk about why the cheese has moved.  We are no longer in the Industrial age and we are in the Information Age, what does that statement mean?  It means learn to be a provider of information to the masses, once you understand that
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