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This about page has evolved and been revised several times since  since I started the "Your Money Mentor' blog in 2011.  My life has change compared to when I first started this blog, and my interests regarding what I blog about has changed as well.  Now that I have been blogging for sometime I am comfortable to discuss topics that suit my interest.

This is not an ordinary personal finance blog, this blog will help you with the following:

  • Eliminating Debt
  • Rebuilding your Credit
  • Personal Development for your mindset
  • How to produce assets to create an unlimited income

This is blog is about dealing with  different strategies to help with your Money or Financial Problems, which I listed above.  I have learned that a person's relationship with money is depended on their current and past beliefs that they have with money.  That even includes myself, I personally believe that you do not have a "money problem" you have a "relationship problem" with money.

So on this blog I will share with you resources to help you battle any past financial setback you may have had with personal debt & credit.  Along with share some of my own stories and set backs.

What to expect from this blog, I have no problems with writing but you will not find 500-800 word written blog posts here all the time.

You will see videos as blog posts as well as audio MP3s.  If you are only looking to content to read then this blog site is not for you.  I like a mix of written work, audio, and videos.

Now that I have shared everything about me and this blog, don’t forget to  become a subscriber here.  You will receive my weekly newsletter “Money Life Skills” to learn tips on mindset strategies that will help you overcome any barriers that you may have with your finances along with obtaining success in your personal life.

To your Financial Success,


"Your Money Mentor"


Your Money Mentor



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