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4 I-phone Apps to Assist with Taxes

If you’re a person on the go and you do everything with your smart phone, at least I do.  There are 4 FREE  Apps that you can use on your I-phone to assist you with getting your taxes together.  Now it will not replace your need for filing a tax return or hiring someone,  but  if you’re a DIY’er and you need to have everything in one place, then these free apps are for you.

1.       IRS2GO – Is a free app to assist tax payers with any information they may need from the IRS.  If you need to know when you will get your tax return, need a  tax record from a previous year or you want to get the latest news then this app is for you.

 2.       TaxCaster – want to estimate your tax liability and see if your going to get a refund or going to have a tax bill.  TaxCaster is a free app created by TurboTax, you put in all the pertinent information that they ask, for example information on you , your income and deductions.  From that point you get an estimated of your tax situation, the app does encourage you to upgrade to their TurboTax Snap tax to continue and file the return.

 3.       Shoeboxed – is a receipt tracker, the free app allows you to take pictures  of your receipts, so you can keep a detail expense report for tax preparation.  Shoeboxed is also compatible to work with Quickbooks, Quicken and Freshbooks.

 4.       My Tax Refund  - this app created by Turbo Tax  allows you to check the status of Federal tax refund, although the app is free, many of the good features are limited and are only available if you are a Turbo Tax user.

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  1. avatar Daisy says:

    Interesting, I didn’t know such aps exist!

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