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4 Best Areas Of The US For Real Estate Profits

Making a profit through property investments is all about finding the best locations. Today, we identify the four best areas of the US for buying real estate and making money. Take a look at each area down below to see what makes it so great for investors.


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Florida is easily one of the prime locations for real estate in the whole country. There are so many cities here that represent great money-making opportunities. The two that stand out the most are Miami and Orlando - for different reasons. Miami attracts a lot of rich and famous people, meaning you can sell or rent properties for a fortune. Furthermore, it’s vastly populated with flats and condos, which gives you a wide range of properties to invest in. Orlando is different in that it’s more of a tourist location, what with Disney World, etc. As a result, you can make real estate profits by investing in properties and renting them out as holiday homes or converting them into permanent accommodation. It’s a state that’s always at the top of ‘best places to live, ’ and ‘best places to visit’ lists, meaning the potential for profits is huge.

North Carolina

Sitting in the southeastern corner of the country you have North Carolina - a great place for all kinds of real estate investments. The main lure here is the diversity of terrain; you’ve got beaches and mountains, with everything in between. Regarding making money from real estate investments, mountain homes are a brilliant option. They tend to be quite affordable as they’re not in the prime residential areas, but they’re still very popular amongst naturists or people that have just retired. There are also plenty of great new developments in the mountains within this state, which is what makes it more desirable than some other areas of the country.


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California is home to Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the Beverly Hills. In short; there’s not a lack of real estate opportunities here. Again, similarly to Florida, this area attracts lots of rich people. Therefore, you can invest in properties and charge a rent that’s way higher than anywhere else in the country, but people are keen to pay it. Apartments are a good investment here as California has a lot of temporary residents that only want to rent an apartment for a certain time.


A state that boasts the second largest population in the US, and lots of real estate choices for an avid investor. Here, you should turn your attention to Dallas, which is fast becoming a great place to invest in houses. The property prices are fairly low, but the city is evolving, and more money is being pumped into it by the year. It’s a great place to buy a house, sit on it for awhile, and sell it for a profit.

These four states offer different varieties when it comes to investing. Regardless of what your motive is; buy-to-let, flipping, investing in retirement properties - whatever! You will find some great opportunities in these places.



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