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April Fools Day

We’ll its April 1, and although today is April fool’s Day.  The joke is on me and I’m the fool.  I am totally behind  with my passive income online efforts.  I have not been good at measuring my time between running my different web properties along with being in mother, being a wife and being business owner.    Right now I have 4 web properties; I’m only looking to earn passive income from only two.  I know you may be wondering why have the other two if your intentions are not to monetize them.  Well to answer your question they will be earning me money but not in the passive sense.  Those websites will provide me with what I call active income, that’s where people learn about the business services I provide for example; planning, speaking or training in the area of personal finance. Out of two websites that will earn me passive income only one is a niche site.  I made sure that the niche is something that will hold my interest, so I won’t get bored with writing content.  That leads me to why I got behind with my online efforts for the month of April.

Fail to Plan or Plan to Fail

I believe that the number one reason, I as well as others do not succeed with a task or goal at hand is due to lack of planning.  That is the number one reason why I did not meet my online passive income goals for the month of April.  I did not have a plan, either written or computerized to follow.   I’m not into blaming my circumstances or reasons why things didn’t work.  I am an avid analyzer on what I can do to make my efforts a success. Always asking myself what is the lesson, what is the lesson?  For the month of April and onward I put together a social media calendar for the month of April, this way I can organize all my online social media activities.  We all know how social networking can consume a lot of time.  Whether that’s surfing the internet or networking on different social media groups and websites.  Being a mother of two, one who is 5 and another that is 2; a social media schedule works for me.   I need to know what I’m working on along and what day I should do the task.  If I’m home during the day I only have a small window to get things done, that’s either 1 1/2 or 2 hours a day; when I’m not scheduled to be out the house on business.  Late at night is difficult for me because I’m usually so beat and tired.  I am working on a solution to crank up my energy levels, for example exercise and eat better.

What’s the plan

April is going to be a busy month for me, its Financial Literacy month; and I have three schools and one church that I will be speaking. So, putting a schedule in place was key and important for me; since I’m going to be busy.  I do have a number in mind in terms of what I’m looking to earn; I’ll keep that to myself.   Stay tune.



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