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Are you using Videofyme to make Money

Finding time to shoot videos and upload them onto your website can be a big hassle for many bloggers. This is my firs www.yourmoneymentor.com t time using this Apple I-phone app called Videofyme.  But the cool thing about the app, is that you can  generate an income  based on views to your video.  Is it an alternative to Youtube, I am not sure I have the free version.

But one thing is certain, I know one thing Videofyme is a paid app to use to shoot videos and Youtube is free.  Also there is no comparison since Google owns Youtube.  The ability to earn some additional income, is only available it the following countries Canada, Denmark,Finland,France,Germany,Italy,Netherlands,Norway,Spain,Sweden,United Kingdom, and United States, and they pay you via Paypal.

Check out the video below.



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