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Career Day and Financial Literacy

April 30 was the last day of Financial Literacy Month, and I have to say it was a busy one for me.  I had the opportunity to speak to three elementary schools in East Orange, New Jersey.  The group of kids that I spoke to ranged from 4th to 5th graders and I was amazed of the response I got from the students, when came to money.  When I spoke to the students I began my speech with a question, What is money?  I also explained to the  students three things I wanted to share with them points about money, and that was (1) How to save money,  (2) How to respect money, and (3) How to spend money.   I'm glad I took part in the event, and guess what I was invited to provide a workshop to a group of students in the city of East Orange, this upcoming Saturday May 5, 2012.   Here are some pics, list below of the event.

Money Smart 4th graders at Gordon Parks Elementary

The staff and other speakers at Langston Hughes Elementary

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2 Responses to “Career Day and Financial Literacy”

  1. What a great program you are a part of! Teaching kids about money in school is the way to go. What better place to equip our kids than at place where they spend 6-8 hours a day.

    I would live to be a part of something like this!

    • avatar Lorillia says:

      Thank you so much, yes I enjoy it too. You should start as well volunteer you time. You can get started too at a school, religious organization, or non-profit.

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