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government shutdown

Why the Government Shutdown should motivate you to create your own Economy!

TweetToday is day 10 of US government shutdown, and since the two parties in Congress cannot come up with a solution to settle this whole thing.  Now more than ever should individuals realize that there is no such thing as a secure job.   I don’t know about you but all my life I heard from my family that having a
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How to Identify 3 Types of Personal Debts

TweetMy Featured article on America Saves: Personal debts can be hard to manage for many consumers, and trying to eliminate personal debts can be even scarier.  It is important that consumers understand the evolution of personal debts before they spiral into a disaster. Being a Financial Coach, I have had the opportunity to educate consumers on the different phases of personal
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Are you using Videofyme to make Money

TweetFinding time to shoot videos and upload them onto your website can be a big hassle for many bloggers. This is my firs t time using this Apple I-phone app called Videofyme.  But the cool thing about the app, is that you can  generate an income  based on views to your video.  Is it an alternative to Youtube, I am
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facebook fanpage

How to change your Business Facebook Fan Page Name

TweetI thought this would be a helpful post because I know there may be other Business owners or business persons who  manage a Facebook Fan Page to engage with customers or potential customers.  I know a few years ago Facebook changed the Fan Page to a Like Page,  but people still refer to the page as a Fan Page, which
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My Money Adventures in Denver Part 2

Tweet While I was in Denver, I also did some videos to share my travels visiting the US Mint and Federal Reserve. Check out my videos below: In front of the Federal Reserve   Here I am in Front of the US Mint