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My Money Adventures in Denver Colorado

TweetLast week this time I was away in Denver, Colorado the Mile High City at an internet marketing conference, while I was there I decide to do a tour of  the city.  Who knew that Denver had two of the most well know financial landmarks, which are the US Mint and the Federal Reserve.  Both landmarks are located right in
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Don’t lose touch with your clients who use Yahoo email addresses

TweetIn June 2013, Yahoo announce that they are releasing new yahoo email addresses  to the public to free up the unused email accounts.  What that means is that Yahoo is giving current users who the opportunity to customize their old email accounts and make way for new email addresses.   This change will take place on July 15, 2013, which means
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Are you Truly Independent

TweetYesterday was 4th of July also known as Independence Day, if you’re an  American citizen you know the day is the celebration and birthday of United States of America.   The holiday serves as of rememberance of the US gaining their freedom and independence from England.   But this article is not a  history lesson on the 4th of July, it is
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Why do people struggle financially?

Tweet Currently I am reading a book by MJ DeMarco called ” The Millionaire Fastlane”, in the book DeMarco goes into depth with his opinion of  why people struggle in life, business and with their personal finances.  DeMarco classifies those who  struggle in life sidewalkers, now I know your wondering what is a sidewalker; hint “Go check out DeMarco’s book.
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Wanted: Only Quality People

Tweet  I was on Facebook and I saw a quote that went like this: Never forget 3 types of people in life, Those who helped you in difficult time. Those who left you in your difficult time. Those who put you in difficult time. I truly believe your success in life depends on those who you surround yourself with,  I
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