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Payday & Title Loans are keeping you in Financial Bondage!

Tweet There is nothing positive I can say about Payday & Title Loans.  They are deceptive financial vehicles that keep many consumers in a cycle of Financial bondage. Payday & Title loans have been disguised as helping financially struggling individuals may ends meet on a temporary basis.  But what happens is that an individual is caught up in a cycle of
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Credit Repair vs Credit Education is it a SCAMMED!!!


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2 Important Federal Laws about your Personal Credit you must know!

Tweet If you have any goal to do one of the following listed: Increase your Credit Score Remove Negative or Derogatory Information off your Credit Report Stop the harassment of Debt Collectors Then you need to understand two Important Federal Laws that affect  your Personal Credit! Those two laws are the FDCPA & FCRA!  Don’t let the acronyms scare you!
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How to Delete a Civil Judgment off your Personal Credit Report!

TweetMost people have been told that if you have any type of pubic record for example a Civil Judgment on your credit report that you have to live with that derogatory item on personal credit report for 10 years. Well although that may be the case for some people there are strategies that you can use if you want to
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Why Bankruptcy is NOT an easy way out for your Debt Problems!

Tweet Bankruptcy is an easy way out, if you have debt problems. Yes, bankruptcy allows you to hit the reset button, but it does not allow you to reset your habits that got you there. Yes there are financial habits that you picked up that has put you in the financial situation you are currently in now. And if you
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