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How to Payoff High Credit Card Debt

Tweet I was motivated to create this video, because I got a question in my Private FB group.  How to pay off High Credit Card Debt! In this video, I am going to show you an online calculator that you can use to learn how to eliminate High Credit Card balances. Check out the video below.


Economic Slavery is Still Present in 2016!

Tweet Many people think slavery ended in the US in 1865, but did you know that slavery still exists today. Slavery in 2016 is disguised in another form, the new form of slavery is in the form of money, finances and economics! People are still in debt, people are still trying to get out debt, and many consumers don’t know
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How your Personal Credit is Impacted by your Relationship with Money

Tweet Many people do not realize that there is a clear connection between your conversation with money, and how it effects your personal credit! Your personal credit is not a stand alone problem by itself.   Their are lot’s of people who think that if they only fix their personal credit everything will be fine with their finances. If you
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2 Important Federal Laws about your Personal Credit you must know!

Tweet If you have any goal to do one of the following listed: Increase your Credit Score Remove Negative or Derogatory Information off your Credit Report Stop the harassment of Debt Collectors Then you need to understand two Important Federal Laws that affect  your Personal Credit! Those two laws are the FDCPA & FCRA!  Don’t let the acronyms scare you!
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How to Delete a Civil Judgment off your Personal Credit Report!

TweetMost people have been told that if you have any type of pubic record for example a Civil Judgment on your credit report that you have to live with that derogatory item on personal credit report for 10 years. Well although that may be the case for some people there are strategies that you can use if you want to
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