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Transparency is Key to Making Money Online – Update on the 12 Week Financial Challenge

TweetI am little behind in writing this post since it’s a few days after the end of the month of May. But the reason I want to write this post to illustrate why transparency is important, if you are marketing yourself as someone who makes money online. When started this challenge for myself to set a goal, it was so
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Could you live off of $179 a month?

TweetI’m not kidding this is not a joke! A financial coaching client of mine just receive his quarterly retirement statement. The fund company gave him a projection of what he would receive if he was to retire today, and guess what the amount was $179 a month. Now the number did not shock me as much as it did my
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What Financial Freedom means to me!

TweetMany people have different views on Financial Freedom, and I agree the meaning is a personal preference.  I believe there is no defined meaning to Financial Freedom, in the video below, you will find out why I want to pursue mastering internet marketing to gain Financial Freedom. Make a step towards Financial Freedom by creating your own online assets.


How I had to get out my own way

Tweet Some of my friends have always been impressed because I am a “research junkie”. I have always had the ability to research information to get an answer to something I don’t know; and for me I thought this was a good skill, but I was wrong. Being a “research junkie” can cause you to go into information overload which
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