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Are You Missing Money Opportunities?

Tweet Image Source Everyone is money hungry. If you can safely say that you aren’t then you’re a rare person. So many people are driven by money, and rightly so. The world revolves around it. You can’t get what you want in life without money. It is often the case that you need a lot of money to do so
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Taking The Risk Out Of Those Risky Funding Ventures

TweetThere are two kinds of investors. There are those who read the market and react to data that shows them the right way to make safe bets. Then there are those who supports ideas and people, who grow the economy and see potential. The latter of those can make serious money from investing in businesses. But there are ways you
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How to retire from your job selling on eBay!

TweetThe online revolution never cease to amaze me, along with e-commerce. I recently came across these two women talking about how selling on eBay & Amazon has changed their lives. One of the ladies in the video was able to retire from her job, check out the video below. Go to the link below,  if you want to get started
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The Do’s and Don’ts of being a Small Business Owner!

government shutdown

Why the Government Shutdown should motivate you to create your own Economy!

TweetToday is day 10 of US government shutdown, and since the two parties in Congress cannot come up with a solution to settle this whole thing.  Now more than ever should individuals realize that there is no such thing as a secure job.   I don’t know about you but all my life I heard from my family that having a
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