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How to Help Your Parents Avoid A Financial Mess In Old Age

TweetThe fact that we’re all living longer is extremely good news. But when it comes to planning our parents’ finances, it can be difficult. The fact that parents are living longer presents many personal challenges to the younger generation. Most experts accept that when it comes to looking after aging parents, it’s important to put yourself first. According to the
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4 Financial Scams that will keep you Struggling in the New Year

TweetEvery year during the beginning of the year I always do a blog post that is either inspiration or motivational in the area of wealth building, this year I wanted to put a different spin on the subject matter. So often people throw around the word scam this is a scam that’s a scam, but the biggest scams are never
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The Do’s and Don’ts of being a Small Business Owner!


Wanted: Only Quality People

Tweet  I was on Facebook and I saw a quote that went like this: Never forget 3 types of people in life, Those who helped you in difficult time. Those who left you in your difficult time. Those who put you in difficult time. I truly believe your success in life depends on those who you surround yourself with,  I
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Why failure is good for you!

TweetToday I was asked by someone what is my biggest fear, I had to respond that my fear is failing and being rejected by my peers as well as others. But let me digress for a second, that use to be a fear of mine but not no more. A few years ago after experience a serious business lost where
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