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How to Syndicate your Blog Content with Slideshare to get more online Exposure

TweetIf you have a blog and are seriously looking to generate income or leads you have to online traffic in order to get eyeballs on content. Online traffic does not happen automatically, many people do not understand what type of online marketing strategies to put in place to drive traffic to their website or blog. Syndicating your blog content is
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identity theft

How to avoid Identity Theft this tax season?

TweetToday is the day that the IRS will begin to accept tax returns for this year’s tax filing season. Many financially strapped consumers who are looking for a fast payday, will go run to the nearest Tax business establishment that will promise big refunds and fast service”. According to the IRS, they have step up their safeguards to protect consumers
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make money online working from home

How to make money online working from home

Tweet“When you begin to tell yourself money is not hard to make, you will begin to find ways to  make money.” I wanted to put this article together to show any one who is currently out work or seeking to earn some additional income; ways they could make money online working from home.  Whenever I explain how this could be
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tax scams

Beware of the Dirty Dozen

TweetEvery year the IRS provides to the public with the Dirty Dozen tax scams that tax payers should be aware of to protect themselves from tax payer fraud. The tax filing season ends on April 17, and there are still some tax payers who will wait until the last minute to file their taxes. If you are one of those
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Old debt, New Tax Laws

TweetHave you ever been issued a credit card that was charged off due to non payment?  Did you know that a charged off credit card balance is considered taxable ordinary income, according to the IRS.  Charged off credit card debt that is either canceled or forgiven may cause taxpayers to receive a 1099-C.  A 1099-C is a tax form issued
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