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Transparency is Key to Making Money Online – Update on the 12 Week Financial Challenge

TweetI am little behind in writing this post since it’s a few days after the end of the month of May. But the reason I want to write this post to illustrate why transparency is important, if you are marketing yourself as someone who makes money online. When started this challenge for myself to set a goal, it was so
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passive income

Creating Passive Income with Empower Network

TweetDuring the beginning of 2012, one of my goals was to begin to regularly pursue generating online passive income through my website.  Some of the ways that I had planned to generatepassive income was using the following sources: Selling eBooks Affiliate Products Google ads CPA advertising Well now that we are at close to the end of the year 2012,
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april fools

April Fools Day

Tweet We’ll its April 1, and although today is April fool’s Day.  The joke is on me and I’m the fool.  I am totally behind  with my passive income online efforts.  I have not been good at measuring my time between running my different web properties along with being in mother, being a wife and being business owner.    Right now
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