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How US Federal workers can generate an income during the US Shutdown

TweetIt’s  been 15 days since the US Shutdown and with many federal employees who are furloughed or working but not receiving a paycheck, these families are beginning to feel the financial pressures of not being able to make ends meet.   If a family is without an emergency savings account to cover an unexpected financial lost, for example this US Shutdown
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Are you Truly Independent

TweetYesterday was 4th of July also known as Independence Day, if you’re an  American citizen you know the day is the celebration and birthday of United States of America.   The holiday serves as of rememberance of the US gaining their freedom and independence from England.   But this article is not a  history lesson on the 4th of July, it is
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easy way fin freedom

What lane are traveling in for Financial Freedom!

TweetMy goal is to achieve Financial Freedom at an accelerated pace,  do you think it’s wrong and do you judge other individuals who want to travel in the fastlane in order for Financial Freedom to become a reality.  Many people when they hear the words, obtaining wealth the fast way, they automatically think.  “Get rich quick scheme”!   Those thoughts can
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How to Syndicate your Blog Content with Slideshare to get more online Exposure

TweetIf you have a blog and are seriously looking to generate income or leads you have to online traffic in order to get eyeballs on content. Online traffic does not happen automatically, many people do not understand what type of online marketing strategies to put in place to drive traffic to their website or blog. Syndicating your blog content is
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list buil

The Death of Google RSS Reader: Why bloggers and business owners need to get serious about List Building

Tweet Since Google announced that they will be getting rid of Google RSS Reader, I have read so many articles where bloggers and business owners are wondering what will their subscribers use as an alternative to stay connected with them once Google officially disables the reader.  For me personally I have never put a lot of emphasis on  convincing readers
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