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There’s No Rush! Following Your Dreams In The “Real World”

Tweet Picture When you choose a certain career path in life you can thrive. After all, choosing your passions in life and following them to the bitter end is what makes us feel alive. When you talk about following your dreams, there are going to be naysayers. There will be people that tell you it’s impossible, you “can’t” do it,
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[Video] Money Does Not Worry about You!

TweetWhy do we worry about money when money is not even tangible.  Most of the monetary currency that circulates is mostly online, we don’t even see it. We bank online. When we get paid it is directly deposited into our bank accounts. If we sell products or services online, we use payment processors. And now there is the Virtual currency
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4 Financial Scams that will keep you Struggling in the New Year

TweetEvery year during the beginning of the year I always do a blog post that is either inspiration or motivational in the area of wealth building, this year I wanted to put a different spin on the subject matter. So often people throw around the word scam this is a scam that’s a scam, but the biggest scams are never
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My Money Adventures in Denver Colorado

TweetLast week this time I was away in Denver, Colorado the Mile High City at an internet marketing conference, while I was there I decide to do a tour of  the city.  Who knew that Denver had two of the most well know financial landmarks, which are the US Mint and the Federal Reserve.  Both landmarks are located right in
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Did you know your mindset is keeping you from being Successful

TweetI recently notice that a client of mind was struggling with her business.  She did not tell me this but I notice her actions.  Take notice of some of the signs. Always making excuses on why something could not get done Procrastinating about getting tasks done in her business And her unwillingness to make a reachable goal in her business
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