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Are you Trading Time for Money? How Leverage Really works!

Tweet  Leverage has been the best concept and strategy ever created by man.  When I had a financial setback in 2009 because I dealing with a failing business.  I was looking for a way that I could provide my skills to a larger audience without me physically being there in person. What I discover was I could leverage the internet,
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The Difference in Linear Vs. Leverage Income

TweetIn the previous post I included an infograph that showed 200 Ways that you can Generate an Income Online,  which motivated me to write this post because  I wanted to describe how some of the techniques listed on the infograph are leveraged income sources.  Personally I would rather have several sources of income that are leverage than working to pursue
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200 Ways to Generate an Income Online

TweetMany people get offended by the word “Making Money Online”,  the first thing that comes to their mind is SCAM.  But if you’re like me and your open to non-traditional ways of earning money that are not is part of popular conversation.  SurveySpencer did a great infographic see below  on 200 ways you can generate an income online.  This infographic
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How US Federal workers can generate an income during the US Shutdown

TweetIt’s  been 15 days since the US Shutdown and with many federal employees who are furloughed or working but not receiving a paycheck, these families are beginning to feel the financial pressures of not being able to make ends meet.   If a family is without an emergency savings account to cover an unexpected financial lost, for example this US Shutdown
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