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governmenst shut

How US Federal workers can generate an income during the US Shutdown

TweetIt’s  been 15 days since the US Shutdown and with many federal employees who are furloughed or working but not receiving a paycheck, these families are beginning to feel the financial pressures of not being able to make ends meet.   If a family is without an emergency savings account to cover an unexpected financial lost, for example this US Shutdown
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passively income

Join me on my 12 Weeks Financial Challenge to generate $1k Online in Passive Income

TweetHey It’s Financial Literacy Month and I am kicking it off with a bang.  I’m on a mission to show and document my journey to generate on a consistent basis $1k online.  Many people have been told all their life that the only way to make money is to work hard.  But the problem is the same people who have
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social media

How can your Business effectively profit online Using Social Media?

TweetThis is a question I wish I had asked myself in 2009 when I got online using many of the social media platforms.  One thing I wish I had asked myself the question, how can social media create income for my business to generate a profit.  Well after two years of not generating any sufficient income I got serious on
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financial freedom empower network

What Financial Freedom means to me!

TweetMany people have different views on Financial Freedom, and I agree the meaning is a personal preference.  I believe there is no defined meaning to Financial Freedom, in the video below, you will find out why I want to pursue mastering internet marketing to gain Financial Freedom. Make a step towards Financial Freedom by creating your own online assets.

affiliate products

How to earn passive income with affiliate products

TweetIf you are looking to generate some passive income online, the fastest and easiest way to get started is to sell affiliate products.  Being an online marketer selling affiliate products can contribute to the income that you are looking to earn online.  The income that you earn from affiliate products do not have to be your only source of income
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