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A World of Perfection

TweetImagine a world of no mistakes and everybody is perfect. Well uh, wake up and welcome to reality. The  world of perfection does not exist. Although we have been condition since childhood, to always be PERFECT. Strive for PERFECTION. But guess what whether you know it or not PERFECTION does not EXIST. Many adults continue to stay stagnant and stifle,
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4 Financial Scams that will keep you Struggling in the New Year

TweetEvery year during the beginning of the year I always do a blog post that is either inspiration or motivational in the area of wealth building, this year I wanted to put a different spin on the subject matter.  So often people throw around the word scam this is a scam that’s a scam, but the biggest scams are never
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The Difference in Linear Vs. Leverage Income

TweetIn the previous post I included an infograph that showed 200 Ways that you can Generate an Income Online,  which motivated me to write this post because  I wanted to describe how some of the techniques listed on the infograph are leveraged income sources.  Personally I would rather have several sources of income that are leverage than working to pursue
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Are you Truly Independent

TweetYesterday was 4th of July also known as Independence Day, if you’re an  American citizen you know the day is the celebration and birthday of United States of America.   The holiday serves as of rememberance of the US gaining their freedom and independence from England.   But this article is not a  history lesson on the 4th of July, it is
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A Life Plan will keep you Focus!

TweetIn order to have optimal balance in your business and personal life, it’s important to create a life plan. If you lack focus in your life, check out the video below, where I am discussing how a life plan can keep you in line with your goals. Do you need a plug and play system that can keep you focus
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