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What I learned from T. Harv Eker

TweetA week ago I had the chance to attend the Millionaire Mind Intensive held in New Jersey. This was my second time attending the event. I had attended earlier in the year and I was glad to get a phone call that they would be returning back to New Jersey. One thing I appreciate about the Millionaire Mind Intensive Events,
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Do you know the difference in Income?

Tweet Many people spend their whole lives working without really understanding what type of income they are actually generating. These individuals do not know if money is working for them or are they working for money. If you  do not understand the concept and inverse relationship between Leverage vs. Linear Income, then you definitely do not understand if you’re working
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How to Monetize your Intellectual Capital Online

Tweet  In the previous blog post I explain to you, that we are currently in a new economy.  In order for an individual to thrive he or she must leverage their knowledge, skills and abilities in order to survive financially.  Thriving in the new economy is not about how hard can I work it’s about, it’s about creating an asset
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How to Monetize your God Given Gifts

TweetI am currently doing a series entitled “Breaking Free of Income Limitations”, and in the series I talk about why the cheese has moved.  We are no longer in the Industrial age and we are in the Information Age, what does that statement mean?  It means learn to be a provider of information to the masses, once you understand that
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The Difference in Linear Vs. Leverage Income

TweetIn the previous post I included an infograph that showed 200 Ways that you can Generate an Income Online,  which motivated me to write this post because  I wanted to describe how some of the techniques listed on the infograph are leveraged income sources.  Personally I would rather have several sources of income that are leverage than working to pursue
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