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The Easiest Ways To Save Money In Your Small Business

TweetSmall business expenses can cause long-lasting problems in any organization. You need to know how you can save as much money as possible for your small business. So, I’ve come up with a few ideas for you which you can see down below:   (pixabay: Save On Energy Consumption Your small business will consume a lot of energy on
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The Death of Google RSS Reader: Why bloggers and business owners need to get serious about List Building

Tweet Since Google announced that they will be getting rid of Google RSS Reader, I have read so many articles where bloggers and business owners are wondering what will their subscribers use as an alternative to stay connected with them once Google officially disables the reader.  For me personally I have never put a lot of emphasis on  convincing readers
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How can your Business effectively profit online Using Social Media?

TweetThis is a question I wish I had asked myself in 2009 when I got online using many of the social media platforms.  One thing I wish I had asked myself the question, how can social media create income for my business to generate a profit.  Well after two years of not generating any sufficient income I got serious on
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Irvington, NJ Mayor Encourages Entrepreneurship

Tweet  Hello Money Mentors, I write seldom on the  In late 2011 I had the opportunity to sit with the Mayor of Irvington, New Jersey.  Currently in this New Jersey town, there are a lot of new initiatives and programs encouraging entrepreneurship.  Here is the article, click here.