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Money Matters! How To Be More Frugal With Your Dollar

TweetSaving money in business is essential. It’s an expensive venture and one that can either go boom or bust for you. With these money saving techniques, you will get the most out of your outlay and still have some cash spare at the end of the week. Image by link With the rise of social media, you can keep costs
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I’m down with the 52 Week Savings Challenge!

Tweet So for the past 2 years I seem to always see that photo of a spreadsheet encouraging people to save every week for the 52 weeks in the year. When I first saw it I didn’t take it serious because I was already implementing other saving techniques for example the money jar system by  T. Harv Eker. Now you
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Why it is important to Create Online Assets


How to Monetize your Intellectual Capital Online

Tweet  In the previous blog post I explain to you, that we are currently in a new economy.  In order for an individual to thrive he or she must leverage their knowledge, skills and abilities in order to survive financially.  Thriving in the new economy is not about how hard can I work it’s about, it’s about creating an asset
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Do you have a Life Plan for your Business?

TweetI first got exposed to the concept of  having a Life Plan in 2007, which was one short year after being licensed as a Financial Advisor.  I will be honest with you I thought the concept was rather hokey pokey; some of the Financial Advisors at my broker dealer were beginning to incorporate life planning in their financial planning practices.  
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