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Does my Child need a Credit Card?

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We have all been told all the scary statistics regarding the pitfalls of how misusing credit cards can get you in a lot of debt. But why we as people still desire to have access to credit cards and what age should we have access to fulfill this desire.

That leads me to this question, should a child, teenager or young adult in college have a credit card? Now most people may say, oh heck no. If he or she cannot pay his or her bills, than they do not need a credit card. Even though I agree with that statement, I believe that individuals who desire wanting or needing a credit is much deeper.

A person whether it’s a child, teenager or young adult, who desires wanting a credit card. Their wanting is due to lack. And that lack is not having access to something deeper, which is money.

Many people view credit cards as having access to money when he or she needs it. I will not worry how I am going to pay the money I borrowed back. But I need the money now.

Now the reason I went into the scenario of why people really desire credit cards, it is because telling a child, teenager or young adult that credit cards are bad and you need a job to be able to pay the money back means nothing.

I believe digging into what is the real reason at hand and discussing that problem. And the real reason I believe is lack of money, don’t have access to money, and I need to get some money. So the credit card becomes the quick fix solution.

I have noticed that most people do not understand or recognize the correlation between them wanting or needing a credit versus just needing the money to satisfy the want.

What are your thoughts do you think children should have credit cards, and why?

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