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Could you live off of $179 a month?

I’m not kidding this is not a joke! A financial coaching client of mine just receive his quarterly retirement statement. The fund company gave him a projection of what he would receive if he was to retire today, and guess what the amount was $179 a month. Now the number did not shock me as much as it did my client, but I did explain to him, are you ready to consider a Plan B for retirement!

If you don’t believe me, take a look at the picture below.

Financial survival in retirement and in life is a reality we all have to face, there is no way around it. But it is important to understand how to have money working for you; not money or income that is affected by inflation, economic cycles or portfolio ups and downs. That’s why I always teach the importance of creating assets to produce passive and residual income, which allows you to control not something or someone else controlling it for you.

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