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Do you have a Life Plan for your Business?

I first got exposed to the concept of  having a Life Plan in 2007, which was one short year after life planbeing licensed as a Financial Advisor.  I will be honest with you I thought the concept was rather hokey pokey; some of the Financial Advisors at my broker dealer were beginning to incorporate life planning in their financial planning practices.   Well fast forward six years later I now see the importance of having a life plan in general and I believe everyone should consider putting one together if their pursuit is to have life balance.

It is human nature to be influence by what is going on around you, with the bombardment of status updates in social media.  Everyone is so fixed on what everyone is doing, how they are doing it and what they are doing.  That’s why you should have a life plan to keep you focus on your goals especially if you are in business.  Once I understood the importance of life planning and began to use it for personal & business poses, it has helped me to stay focused on my goal.  A life plan has allowed me to not be influence by what people may think and how they may want to measure my success.

Check out my video below where I go into how my Life Plan has impacted my business.


Here are some tips,  if you want to use a Life Plan for your business.

  • How will this business affect my personal life?
  • Will I have time to spend with my family?
  • Will it consist of travel?  Am I okay with being away from my family?
  • Once I pursue this business on a regular basis?
  • What type of income do I want to generate?
  •  Do I care if the income that my business generate is Active or Passive Income?
  • Do I have to be personally involved in this business to make money?
  • Can this business run without me and I still make money?

These are just a few of the concepts that I will be discussing, while I pursue the 12 Week Financial Challenge.

If you want to be part of the 12 Week Financial Challenge,  where as I will go more indepth with how to create your own Life Plan click the link below to get started for $25 dollars.




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