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Don’t Let Debt Collectors take your Freedom!

stealing-your-life So today is Independence Day, the 4th of July!  And today is the day that the United States of America celebrates their freedom.  As I think about all of those who are celebrating today, I am also thinking about some individuals who are suffering Financially.

Many of these individuals who are suffering lack peace mind, why because they are living in financial chaos.  If you are someone who dislikes the phone from ringing or don't like the idea of going to the mailbox, because you fear that a threatening letter may be waiting for you.

Check out this video below, 3 Things that Debt Collectors may be doing to you that is illegal!

Happy 4th of July, are Debt Collectors taking your Independence away? Don't let Debt Collectors steal your Liberty! http://yourmoneymentor.com/getridofdebtcollectors

Posted by Lorillia B. Phillips on Saturday, July 4, 2015


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