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Don’t lose touch with your clients who use Yahoo email addresses

In June 2013, Yahoo announce that they are releasing new yahoo email addresses  to the public to free up the unused www.yourmoneymentor.com email accounts.  What that means is that Yahoo is giving current users who the opportunity to customize their old email accounts and make way for new email addresses.   This change will take place on July 15, 2013, which means some email marketing service providers like Aweber, Mailchimp or Constant Contact etc will be complying with this change as well.

If you are a business owner who has a presence on the internet with a website, your main goal is to engage customers so they will be enlightened to give you their email address.  An example of the offer could be a free gift, free e-book or free course delivered by email.  As a business owner who operates a business online, list building with email marketing is mandatory.  If you are not building a list then your website is just an online business card.   Your goal with running a website to promote your business is to transform visitors into subscribers using list building and email marketing.

A business owner who understands the importance of email marketing and list building transforms their website to an asset.   List building is just one form of revenue that can be generated from your website.         Visitors who come to your website to learn more about what you do can become a potential customer further down the road.   That is why turning website visitors into subscribers are important, potential customers have to get to know you before they will buy from you.  List building allows you the opportunity to build a relationship with them, by email on an ongoing basis.  What are some ways a business owner can build a relationship with their subscribers once they have given you their email address?

  • Create a course – Let subscribers test your material out, give them a course that they can try out.  You can manage the frequency of how long you want the course to be delivered by email.  The frequency  could be 1 day or a week long, you have the ability to tailor the material and the frequency.
  • Create a newsletter – Let subscribers know what’s going on new in your business, does your business host events.  Announce anything you have going on that subscribers could attend to get to know you better.  Those event could be online or offline.
  • Announcements – Let subscribers know if you are launching a new product, for example a book, an information product etc.  Offer subscribers a discount since they are on your list.
  • Blog content – List subscribers can also receive your blog content by email without going to website this is definitely helpful for individuals who don’t want to go back and forth.

List building and email marketing is an essential part of promoting your business online, if you are running a website without understanding these two main components you are leaving money on the table.


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