Find out How to Legally Avoid Paying of Debt Collectors!

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Learn the Credit Repair Strategies established by the Federal Government to get rid of Debt Collectors for Good!

About the Author - Lorillia B. Phillips - is a Financial Literacy educator and speaker; she has been in the financial services industry for over 10 years. Lorillia has mastered and learned how to use the governmental laws to fight back debt collectors.

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Part 1. Become Aware Learn your Rights!

Step 1: The First Steps in Rebuilding Credit
Step 2: Your Credit Report Demystified
Step 3: Understanding Important Parts of your Credit Report

Step 4: FDCPA, FCRA, and The 2009 Credit Card Act

PART II Negotiate and Settle Debts

Step 5: Recognizing the different types of Debts
Step 6: Unfair and Harassing Behaviors by Collection Agencies

Step 7: What is Debt Validation

Step 8: Should I settle my Debts? Debt Settlement

Step 9: Understanding Statue of Limitations

Step 10: Bankruptcy is it necessary

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Learn How to Legally Get Rid of Debt Collectors!