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Why Credit Privacy Number (CPN) will not Help your Personal Credit!

Tweet You may have heard the hype before, if you want to get a better Personal Credit score, you can buy a new social security number.  Also known as a Credit Privacy Number! As good as it sounds Credit Privacy Numbers also known as CPN’s are no good! They will not increase your credit score! They will not help you
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Payday & Title Loans are keeping you in Financial Bondage!

Tweet There is nothing positive I can say about Payday & Title Loans.  They are deceptive financial vehicles that keep many consumers in a cycle of Financial bondage. Payday & Title loans have been disguised as helping financially struggling individuals may ends meet on a temporary basis.  But what happens is that an individual is caught up in a cycle of
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Credit Repair vs Credit Education is it a SCAMMED!!!


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How to Payoff High Credit Card Debt

Tweet I was motivated to create this video, because I got a question in my Private FB group.  How to pay off High Credit Card Debt! In this video, I am going to show you an online calculator that you can use to learn how to eliminate High Credit Card balances. Check out the video below.


Economic Slavery is Still Present in 2016!

Tweet Many people think slavery ended in the US in 1865, but did you know that slavery still exists today. Slavery in 2016 is disguised in another form, the new form of slavery is in the form of money, finances and economics! People are still in debt, people are still trying to get out debt, and many consumers don’t know
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