A Guide to Finding and Financing Property Abroad

TweetBuying property abroad seems like such a good idea for a while – until you realize the challenges of getting it financed. While the banks abroad are asking preposterous down-payments and interests before they agree to anything, the ones at home are reluctant to finance a project like this and mortgages are generally unavailable. The dream falls apart before it
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A Financial Safeguard to Moving Abroad

TweetDo you feel like the world could have been your oyster if you only had enough money? Wealth means freedom to a lot of people, and it’s often true that those with a lot of it are able to experience life quite differently than those who have little. The freedom of money, however, is more in your mind than anywhere
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Is Credit Repair a Scam!

Tweet Learn to rebuild your Personal Credit, Get started ===>HERE!


Why paying off Debt can cause you to earn 1099-C Income



How to Avoid being Sued by a Debt Collector!

Tweet Have you ever gotten one of those threatening letters from an attorney either disguised as a Debt Collector or working for a Debt collector, telling you that you’re about to be sued! That’s right sued! What did you do?  Did you go into a panic attack?  or did you just ignore the threatening letter? Well if your not sure what to
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