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How can your Business effectively profit online Using Social Media?

This is a question I wish I had asked myself in 2009 when I got online using many of the social media social mediaplatforms.  One thing I wish I had asked myself the question, how can social media create income for my business to generate a profit.  Well after two years of not generating any sufficient income I got serious on what my overall online intention was for using social media.  Don’t get me wrong I believe every business should have an online and social media presence, but if you don’t have a strategy on how your business is going to generate income, you can be spinning your wheels in the mud.  Based on my experience and results that I have received with using social media, here are three strategies every business owners should consider if their intention is generate income that can possibly lead to profit.

It’s not Immediate – Social media is a free form of marketing, which means you do not pay financially to use the many platforms, but you do pay with your time.  It’s important to have a strategy on what you want to do when your online, will you be posting content about your business or will you be engaging with possible customers.  Since social media is a free marketing source looking for overnight profit is a bit overzealous unless you’re a known celebrity, your social media success will depend on if on your consistency with your online efforts.     

Paid vs. Free Marketing – Although social media is free there are some platforms that will allow you to take advantage of paid advertising.  For example, Facebook has PPC, LinkedIn has a paid component, even Youtube has a paid method to promote your videos.  Paid marketing on social media platforms can allow you to see an immediate result when you compared it to free marketing, but you want to be clear on what you’re  looking to accomplish.  You may want to consider these strategies:  are you looking to get in front of your target marketing for personal engagement or are you looking to for an immediate sale.  If the answer is both you have to be very strategic on how you will accomplish this task, don’t just hop out online thinking those are going to be the results.

Have a Funnel  – When you’re online hoping to get business it is important you understand the lead capture sales funnel to get customers.  Many online marketers call this the invisible funnel or sales funnel.   Take a look at the diagram below to have an idea of what I am talking about.


This funnel is a key part of anyone generating any kind of income online, it does not matter if you are selling books, in a home business or just need customers.  You have to understand the driving force behind the sales funnel online to be profitable. 

Stay tuned for the next blog post when I go into how to manage your lead subscribers online.

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