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How I had to get out my own way

Some of my friends have always been impressed because I am a “research junkie”. I have always had the ability to research information to get an answer to something I don’t know; and for me I thought this was a good skill, but I was wrong. Being a “research junkie” can cause you to go into information overload which in the past has carried on into my business.

During the beginning of 2012, I had decided to monetize my efforts in blogging. When I first got started blogging, I was only blogging to market my Financial Consulting and Coaching services, then I learned that I could monetize my blog and earn passive and residual income. But after a few months I was getting overwhelmed with learning all the online tactics to generate income list building, email marketing, sales funnels, squeeze pages, informational product sales etc, and guess what I was still not generating an INCOME. This was the first time in my life that I did not like being the “research junkie”, because my end result was not getting anywhere.

Welcome to Empower Network

Well fast forward 11 months later I was only making very small strides with my online efforts, I would sell a few e-books, I had advertisers to reach out to me to sponsor blog posts, but nothing big like I had planned. I truly knew that if I could learn how to master internet marketing for website traffic and online sales psychology to close sales I would be in heaven. Where and who could I learn from, I was not interested in getting free stuff from this guru and then on to the next online guru to learn free tactics. I wanted something proven and making the investment would not be an issue because I know that the skill set will pay me back and no man can take that away.

If you’re too anxious to read the end of the article, find out about the $25 dollar investment that change my life.

We’ll one day while on Facebook, someone shared a YouTube video of a woman talking about “How to Stop Attracting Broke People in your Life”, that video really spoke to me. My next move was to find out who is this woman, and I have to admit I did my best to do some” research” and learn more. I found out her name was Nicole S. Cooper and she was no newbie to internet marketing, I went to her website, I watch more videos and my next step was to make an investment. I knew I wanted to learn this whole internet marketing thing, and I wanted her to be the one I was connected too.

Getting Started

So I stepped up to the plate and made the small investment of $25 dollars to get started with the Empower Network, and I have to say it has only been a few weeks and all I can say is that I have been blown away by the breadth of knowledge Nicole has in the business building , internet marketing space. I truly believe that when it’s your time, there is nothing you can do to change the circumstance, but just be ready to recognize the opportunity when it is presented, and don’t pass it up.

I am glad I made the investment in the Empower Network family, and I am glad I found a chose to be under the leadership of Nicole S. Cooper and be part of the Empower Network family. The question is not does the Empower Network system works. The question is can you work the Empower Network’s system to build a blog that can provide a long lasting passive and residual income.  Knowledge is the New Currency!


Make the investment of $25 dollars and get started with a blogging system that can change your life.

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