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How to change your Business Facebook Fan Page Name

I thought this would be a helpful post because I know there may be other Business owners or business persons who  facebook fanpage manage a Facebook Fan Page to engage with customers or potential customers.  I know a few years ago Facebook changed the Fan Page to a Like Page,  but people still refer to the page as a Fan Page, which is what I will do in this article.

About a year ago, I had decided to change my Fan Page because it did not represent what I was currently doing at the time.  When I first created the page in 2009 I was in a different place with my business and I created a name to reflect that page.  But fast forward to 2012,  I did a 360 degree turn in my business pursuits and I was no longer running the business or doing the same type of work that I was doing in 2009.

When I first tried to change the page in 2012, I totally failed at requesting a name change to my page, and what really confirmed my failed attempt was the numerous blogs and forum posters who said it was a waste of time to request a name change, and that page owners should just create a new page.  So I felt defeated and since I didn’t do any more research I just dealt with having the old fan page.

When page owners are considering changing the name of the page, this change can be done with or without approval from Facebook.  If the page owner has 200 fans  or less,  there is no approval necessary.  The page owner can do this  change  manually,  for myself since I had over 200 fans I had to get  approval from Facebook; which was an epic fail in 2012.

So last week I decided to give it try again and this time I did not do any research I just went to the Admin Panel again, follow the steps and instructions; and within one day I was approved with the name change to the page with no problems.  Here are the steps: Admin Panel > Edit Page > Update Page Info >


facebook admin panel


Choose name with certainity  - The reason why I say be certain is because once the change is made and approve you cannot make the change again.

Address – The address should be different.   I believe when I did this the first time this was the reason I was denied;  because I did not do a change the address.  This time when I made an address change, I changed the address.   I believe Facebook wants to eliminate spammers so it is my guess,  that if you are changing your business name you must be changing the location.  Just my opinion, but I changed the address because I am no longer in that old location.

facebook admin panel

Supporting Documents - Make sure the  address change has documents that can reflect the new address.  Facebook will ask you to upload the documents,  make sure you scan them so they can be uploaded.  Facebook will email you so the documents will have to be email to them again.

That’s it the process is simple, as long as you follow the directions Facebook provides,  and you show documentation you will have no problem getting your Fan page request approved.

Check my Facebook Fan page out at:  http://www.facebook.com/lorilliaphillips



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  1. Good information. I bet there are a lot of people who will want to change their old page and not risk losing their fans by starting a new page and Facebook doesn’t make it easy.

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