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How to earn passive income with affiliate products

If you are looking to generate some passive income online, the fastest and easiest way to get started is to sell affiliate affiliate products products.  Being an online marketer selling affiliate products can contribute to the income that you are looking to earn online.  The income that you earn from affiliate products do not have to be your only source of income but it can be a contributing source, that requires little effort once it is automated.

What are Affiliate Products

Affiliate products are products that can be promoted by another person for a commission, the promotion and marketing is mostly done online.   Most companies create affiliate programs to help promote their products.  Becoming an affiliate to sell products is   generally free, once you become an affiliate you have the ability to create links to put on your blog or website to promote products. When people purchase the products through your links, you will get a share of the sale which is the form of a commission.  The commission can be based on a fixed dollar amount or percentage of the sale. Here are some tips to distinguish various types of affiliate products online.

Affiliate Network Clearinghouses – manages the online relationship between publishers and advertisers to track how often a sale is being made by the publisher who promotes the advertiser’s product or service.  Some of the most common affiliate networks online are:

  •  Clickbank – is an affiliate network provider that manages digital products for advertisers.  Publishers can sign up for free then find a digital product that fits their niche; usually those digital products are e-books, information products or membership products.  Publishers are paid electronically by direct deposit or PayPal.
  •  Commission Junction – is an affiliate network provider that many large website publishers use to manage their online affiliate programs.  Many of the advertisements that publishers can promote or non-digital products or programs. Of course there is no fee for publishers to sign up; commissions are paid in check or direct deposit.      
  • Other affiliate networks – There are other affiliate programs for example Google Affiliate Program, Link share and Share Sale as a publisher you have to find the program that suits your online audience.

Direct Affiliate ProgramsAn example of a direct affiliate program would be Amazon Associates, as a publisher of the Amazon Associate program you can earn a commission on any products listed on Amazon’s website.  Amazon has a large selection of products that will suit any product for any niche blog or website.

Affiliate Aggregators If you have a website or blog and you mention in an article about a certain brand item.  There are affiliate aggregators like Viglink or Skimlinks will automatically create a monetization link for the website or blog owner to earn a commission.

 JV Affiliate Programs The JV stands for joint venture which is usually established by two individuals online who have a common interest to promote one another’s product.  The product can be a physical or digital information product; compensation to promote the product is established between the individuals involved in the joint venture affiliate relationship.

How to Profit from Affiliate Products sales

In order to capitalize on affiliate product sales you have to have online traffic, many people who get started create their own blog.   If you are considering starting a blog to promote affiliate products concentrate on building an online audience of dedicated readers, do not focus on selling at first your goal should be to add value to readers then promote affiliate products second.

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9 Responses to “How to earn passive income with affiliate products”

  1. Good tips here! I’ve made quite a bit f money in the past with several affiliate programs, although i’ve never really been successful with Clickbank, which I have heard is meant to be the most lucrative. Ah well, maybe theres a post for the future.

  2. avatar Jon says:

    Problem I had with affiliates is the amount you have to do before you got paid. Some I tried was like a pyramid scheme or something seems I wasted a lot of time and energy. Great post though!

  3. CJ has been pretty good, but I seem to find more products I like to promote on Flex Offers.

  4. avatar Atiq says:

    I think this post is kind of tutorial on affiliate marketing.Some basic important terms are cleared.I agreed as you said on the part of blog which promote affiliate product.There are many difficulties to promote any product with some blog posts..

  5. I believe affiliate marketing is really confusing for anyone starting out online, but like you said, simply starting a blog to build readership is a great place to start with any kind of online marketing. Once you learn or master that, the rest should be easy to figure out.

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