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How to Identify 3 Types of Personal Debts

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Personal debts can be hard to manage for many consumers, and trying to eliminate personal debts can be even scarier.  It is www.yourmoneymentor.com important that consumers understand the evolution of personal debts before they spiral into a disaster.

Being a Financial Coach, I have had the opportunity to educate consumers on the different phases of personal debts.  I am a firm advocate that debts can be categorized in to three areas: current, past due and defaulted debts.

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4 Responses to “How to Identify 3 Types of Personal Debts”

  1. avatar Kevin Watts says:

    I think the scariest part of debt is when people just begin to pay it off. It seems almost overwhelming for them but it doesn’t get any better until they learn how to pay it off. Each payment you make is a milestone and you will see that number get lower and lower. When it is over with the sense of accomplishment far outweighs the overwhelming feeling in the beginning.

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