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How US Federal workers can generate an income during the US Shutdown

It’s  been 15 days since the US Shutdown and with many federal employees who are furloughed or working but not governmenst shut receiving a paycheck, these families are beginning to feel the financial pressures of not being able to make ends meet.   If a family is without an emergency savings account to cover an unexpected financial lost, for example this US Shutdown resources to  survive can be limited.

Here are 5 ways Federal Workers can generate additional income.

Be a Freelance worker – Becoming a freelance worker is not difficult there are sites where you can monetize your career skills and apply for jobs online.  Websites like Odesk, Guru.com and Elance are just a few ways that individuals can get started working as a freelancer to generate some additional income.

Write articles – If you like to write, make some money writing articles you can lend your writing to others online and get paid.  There are websites like Writers access, Constant-content and Hire-writers.  These websites are free to sign up to become a writer, some writer websites may ask you to take a test before you can submit your content.

Sell old stuff – Look around your house for items you’re not using, for example electronics, clothes and collectibles.  Ebay, Craigslist and consignment shops are just a few ways to sell old stuff instead of putting it in the trash.

Do odd jobs – Another person’s problem can be another person’s interest,  providing services to individuals who maybe too busy can be a great way to generate some income.  Dogwalking, pet sitting, car washing and minor landscaping are just a few ways where you can eliminate the burden from someone who does not have time to get those things done.

Do surveys – There are companies online that do pay individuals to do surveys online, if you are the type of person that gets offended by websites that say “make money online” and you perceive it as a scam;  doing surveys online may not be for you.  Although  surveys online can provide income in small increments, you do have to cautious with sites that have the intent to scam individuals who sign up.  Be cautious of online survey sites that ask you to pay a few for a membership,  no clarity on how you are compensated, or ask you for social security number, credit card or bank account number.  Some reputable survey sites are PaidViewpoints, Send earnings, and Survey Savvy.


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2 Responses to “How US Federal workers can generate an income during the US Shutdown”

  1. Hi Lorillia,

    It really is a tough time for the U.S. and I can image what they went through with the shutdown and all. I have a feeling that it’s going to get a bit worse than it was before it gets all better.

    Also, great tips! There are tons of ways to get money in this day and age especially with the internet. I think we’re at a point where we just ran out of excuses not to be able to make money with all the opportunities going around.

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