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Left field Investments is Worth A Punt

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If you’re terrified of investing, then you’ve probably never stretched further than a savings account at your local bank of a building society, which have long been the bedrock of investments for most people. But with interest rates entering into the realm of audacious (they’ve gone beyond laughable now), it could be time to pluck up a bit of courage, embrace your sense of adventure and take a punt on some seemingly left field investment opportunities.

Sure, these things may seem like a bit of gamble, but that’s what all investments are (remember the 2008 economic meltdown?). So why not up the ante a bit and look into some of these investments. Trust us: they’re worth considering.

  1. Fine Wine

There is a glaringly obvious problem with investing in wine and that’s resisting the temptation to undrawer your corkscrew and indulge in your investment. However, if you’re able to resist such a temptation, you’ll be investing in something that has outperformed traditional investments for three years on the trot. Just make sure you’re looking at bottles from Burgundy.

  1. Student Success

Just about every big city in the world has seen a sudden surge in student accommodation in recent years and that’s because it’s a fantastic investment in the local economy. It’s also a great opportunity for you make some money because every September will see a new batch of willing-to-overpay students arrive in the area.

  1. Crypto Cravings

If you’ve done your research, then you’ll know there is a pretty even amount of speculation when it comes to whether this area is an investment in the future or another case of tulip mania. No one knows for sure. But if you ask us, it is well worth the punt because something has to change. That’s why we would say buy bitcoin. There is a huge demand for the current system to be transformed and, at the moment, it is cryptocurrency that’s leading the charge.

  1. Art Attack

If you are willing to shoulder a pretty high-risk investment, then you will have a tough time looking for something better than art. It’s about looking at trends, understanding what sort of niche is on the rise and who the rising stars are in that category. It’s not easy, but it is immensely fun and interactive. And, what’s more, you’ll have something nice to hang on your wall in the meantime. You don’t get that with stocks and shares.

  1. Just Jewelry

Every year, there is an annual guide that looks at alternative investments called the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, and it has singled out jewelry and diamonds as the big thing this year. Over the past ten years, it has climbed an astonishing 142%. If you want to narrow down your investment a bit more focus on art deco pieces, pearls, and colored gems, all of which have been incredible over the past decade.

Like we said, this style of investing is not without risks. But the pay off could be huge (and tax-free).

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