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Niche blogging: 4 Reasons why you want to Niche Focus your Blog

Many people have asked me who want to get started with blogging, how I knew what to blog about when I got started. 

My answer to them has been quite simple, blog about what interest you and stay within that niche.  Since I was already providing Financial Coaching/Financial Literacy Education to my clients it just made sense for me to blog about personal finance.  I was already providing my clients with tips online to help them with their finances, so deciding to blog to expand my reach was not too difficult.   Finding time to blog and continuing to keep your blog current will depend on you finding the subject matter interesting.  Here are four reasons why you want blog within a particular niche.
1.    Connecting with other Bloggers – Once you find the niche you want to blog about, do a Google search online to find online communities where other bloggers connecting online.  In my niche of personal finance, I found Yakezie which has been great to get blog content ideas, sharing blog posts, and blog marketing ideas.
2.    Join Blog Carnivals- Blog carnivals can be a great way to give your blog site exposure and have your blog content syndicated by other bloggers.   The blog carnivals that I have participated in are weekly carnivals that are within the niche that I write about which is personal finance.  Sometimes you can find blog carnivals that are a niche within a niche and those are fine too as long as you find the niche topic interesting enough to participate.
3.    Using Social Media – Once you have decided what you’re going to blog about topic, with your niche blog site.  It’s important that you incorporate social media so you can share your content online.  Social media allows you to create communities or be part of communities around what you blog about within your niche; using hash tags in twitter or groups in Face book are just some of the ways to connect with other bloggers in your niche.
4.    Media Opportunities – Providing great content and creating a community for your blog, can give you the opportunity to be featured in major magazines, television and popular podcasts.  Magazines, television, and podcasts are just some of the media opportunities that can expose your niche blog to a larger audience.  


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