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Places to go: The Personal Finance Blogoshere

image credit: brownstonecambridge.com

image credit: brownstonecambridge.com

Last week was a busy week for me but I had a chance to visit and support some of my fellow PF Bloggers. I didn’t submit to any blog carnivals, but I’m hoping to be featured next week. Check out the following Personal Finance Blogs below:

Edward Antrobus – wrote a blog post on earning extra money on Craigslist.  Edward explained how he earns money with gigs, and a strategy on how to response quickly.

Call Me What You Want Even Cheap – did a blog post on being grateful, the post makes you want to stop and think about appreciating the small things in life.

Married with Debt - blogged about various personal finance blog carnivals,  his post exposed me to new PF bloggers that I had never read .


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