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Should You Choose Your Career Based On Salary?


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You might think that choosing your career based on the salary it brings is a smart move. After all, while enjoyment of something that you will be doing for around thirty percent of each workday is important, it is worth taking into account the issue of finances. Arguably, when you get a good job, you’re going to have more money to play with and be able to buy yourself luxuries. Although, there are a number of reasons why choosing a career based on salary might not be the right move.

Happiness About Money Maximum


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Recently researchers have run studies to investigate the true value of money based on the levels of happiness that it brings. What they discovered was quite shocking. The research showed that levels of happiness brought by money topped out at 200K. While that is a large sum of money, it’s probably not the max that most people thought. Particularly, when you think about individuals like Johnny Depp and Taylor Swift who have enough money to buy private islands.

If there really is a point where the levels happiness no longer climbs with the amount of money you make, there’s no point in seeking a job that pays obscene amounts of money or a particular industry where salaries are higher. Why?

You Can Make Money In Any Industry


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It’s true and to prove this we can look at the example of a shop assistant. A shop assistant is a fairly basic job that you can typically acquire, even without a college degree. You can be a shop assistant, then become a floor manager, then a shop manager, then a board director and so on and so forth. Essentially, you can climb the ladder up until the point where you will be earning one of those larger paychecks. It just takes a little work and a lot of determination.


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If you’re thinking, well that’s great, but it sounds like a lot of grunt work, you're right. However, if you have an advanced degree, you can skip the grunt work completely. Instead, you will be able to get the job you want in just a couple of years, particularly if you have something like an operations management degree online qualification. With this, you can show you have the skils and the knowledge to be at the head of the company.

Outside Investments


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If you don’t fancy working your fingers to the bone or studying for degrees long after you finish college, you should consider using investments outside of your standard job to boost your income. There are plenty of possibilities to consider here from property investments to stocks and shares. The bottom line is that there’s no need to obsess over how much you’re making in your standard job when you can boost your earnings elsewhere, ensuring that you do have the monthly income level you had always hoped for.

We hope this helps you see that your job salary isn’t everything. And, even if you are eager to make lots of money that won’t always be determined by what industry you enter into or what career you choose.


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