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Blogger vs WordPress: A 2013 Comparison

TweetI started blogging in 2009, my first blog was the Godaddy blog platform Blogcast.  Although it was easy to get  started and can be connected to my  website with no problem.  There were many limitations with the Godaddy blog platform, so I decided to make a  switch to WordPress. But what I didn’t know when I made the switch, that
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The Death of Google RSS Reader: Why bloggers and business owners need to get serious about List Building

Tweet Since Google announced that they will be getting rid of Google RSS Reader, I have read so many articles where bloggers and business owners are wondering what will their subscribers use as an alternative to stay connected with them once Google officially disables the reader.  For me personally I have never put a lot of emphasis on  convincing readers
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|Vlog 2| How I’m going to make Money with my Blog

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5 Ways to Generate Passive Income

TweetPassive income is a concept that should be understood by anyone seeking to increase their knowledge in the area of financial literacy. According to the IRS, the word passive income is defined as income generated from a business or trade in which an individual does not materially participate. Passive income is the opposite of active (earned) income, when a person
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Places to go: The Personal Finance Blogoshere

TweetLast week was a busy week for me but I had a chance to visit and support some of my fellow PF Bloggers. I didn’t submit to any blog carnivals, but I’m hoping to be featured next week. Check out the following Personal Finance Blogs below: Edward Antrobus – wrote a blog post on earning extra money on Craigslist.  Edward
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