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Why Bankruptcy is NOT an easy way out for your Debt Problems!

Tweet Bankruptcy is an easy way out, if you have debt problems. Yes, bankruptcy allows you to hit the reset button, but it does not allow you to reset your habits that got you there. Yes there are financial habits that you picked up that has put you in the financial situation you are currently in now. And if you
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Don’t Let Debt Collectors take your Freedom!

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Can you really get Rid of a Debt Collector?

TweetYeah I know your wondering can you really do it? But the question you should be asking yourself can you do it without: Draining your Bank Account Being in Debt Giving away your Tax Refund Did you know that some Debt Collectors are not even entitled to collect on a Debt? Well if you didn’t know this, then you need
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Debt Settlement with Mark Clayborne

TweetAre dealing with Debt Collectors and your trying to figure out if Debt Settlement is for you. Check out this interview I was invited to by Mark Clayborne Amazons Best Selling Author of Hidden Credit Repair Secrets.

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[Video] Are you Debt Collectors Stealing your Liberty!

TweetYesterday was Independence day the 4 of July, which is the day the US became an Independent country  and America was born. If you are an American are you allowing Debt Collectors to steal your Liberty and commit crimes against you. I did a quick video yesterday sharing with you, 3 Crimes that Debt Collectors may be committing against you
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