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How to Avoid being Sued by a Debt Collector?

TweetDo you think being sued by a Debt Collector can be avoided?  Why do debt collectors pursue taking consumers to court, when they do not have the legal authority to do so?  Well what I have learned is that, debt collectors know that 80% of the general public do not know that there are Federal laws that can protect a
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Have you been given Bad Credit Advice?

TweetI real hate to be blunt but I speak from a place of experience.  Let me share a story with your what happen to me when I was on a mission to rebuild my credit.  Back in 1999 when I was on a crusade to improve my credit.  I was reading numerous books on how I could improve my credit.
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Don’t Pay that Debt Collector!

How to Identify 3 Types of Personal Debts

TweetMy Featured article on America Saves: Personal debts can be hard to manage for many consumers, and trying to eliminate personal debts can be even scarier.  It is important that consumers understand the evolution of personal debts before they spiral into a disaster. Being a Financial Coach, I have had the opportunity to educate consumers on the different phases of personal
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How I got rid of a debt collector with a debt validation letter

Tweet In the month of December, I started receiving phone calls from a debt collector.   After receiving  the phone calls I started receiving threating letters.  Well of course since I know and have written articles on several strategies to stop debt collectors from harrasment.  I provided them with a debt validation letter, well lo and behold.  They admitted that
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