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The first steps you should take with Debt Validation

Tweet  If you ever been contacted by a debt collector, before you even proceed to negotiate, make payment  arrangements or settle the debt. You need to understand how debt validation can assist you or even protect you from debt collectors. In the video below I will share with you how the Debt Validation strategy can help you with a Nagging
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Have you been given Bad Credit Advice?

TweetI real hate to be blunt but I speak from a place of experience.  Let me share a story with your what happen to me when I was on a mission to rebuild my credit.  Back in 1999 when I was on a crusade to improve my credit.  I was reading numerous books on how I could improve my credit.
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Eliminating the 3 Types of Debt

TweetIn this video I’m discussing why it’s important to identify your debts,  when you start a debt elimination plan.    

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Why consumers should not pay debt collectors Part I

TweetI know the title seems deceiving, but let me be clear I’m not advocating for consumers not to pay any outstanding debt obligations that they may owe.  But I am advocating how consumers can fight debt collectors who use illegal tactics to collect on an outstanding debt.  Many consumers do not understand what rights they are entitle to when their
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Talking about Debt Settlement and Negotiating with The Money Mom

TweetOn June 5, 2012 I got the chance to talk to Sherri Gray  known as  The Money Mom on Blog Talk Radio.    Sherri  and I talked about how to effectively settled and negotiate your debts with debt collectors.   Here is the podcast of the show: Listen to internet radio with Sherri Gray on Blog Talk Radio