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The first steps you should take with Debt Validation

Tweet  If you ever been contacted by a debt collector, before you even proceed to negotiate, make payment  arrangements or settle the debt. You need to understand how debt validation can assist you or even protect you from debt collectors. In the video below I will share with you how the Debt Validation strategy can help you with a Nagging
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[Video] Are you Debt Collectors Stealing your Liberty!

TweetYesterday was Independence day the 4 of July, which is the day the US became an Independent country  and America was born. If you are an American are you allowing Debt Collectors to steal your Liberty and commit crimes against you. I did a quick video yesterday sharing with you, 3 Crimes that Debt Collectors may be committing against you
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Don’t Pay that Debt Collector!


How I got rid of a debt collector with a debt validation letter

Tweet In the month of December, I started receiving phone calls from a debt collector.   After receiving  the phone calls I started receiving threating letters.  Well of course since I know and have written articles on several strategies to stop debt collectors from harrasment.  I provided them with a debt validation letter, well lo and behold.  They admitted that
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Eliminating the 3 Types of Debt

TweetIn this video I’m discussing why it’s important to identify your debts,  when you start a debt elimination plan.