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How to Avoid being Sued by a Debt Collector?

TweetDo you think being sued by a Debt Collector can be avoided?  Why do debt collectors pursue taking consumers to court, when they do not have the legal authority to do so?  Well what I have learned is that, debt collectors know that 80% of the general public do not know that there are Federal laws that can protect a
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Eliminating the 3 Types of Debt

TweetIn this video I’m discussing why it’s important to identify your debts,  when you start a debt elimination plan.    

Do you know what is Debt Validation?

TweetIn this video I’m discussing in an abbreviated version how  Debt Validation should be used.   There seems to be some misunderstanding that it’s a strategy to stop paying your debt.  Debt Validation is not an excuse to not pay your debts,  it is a legal strategy to use when debt collectors are harassing you or using unfair collection practices
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Why being too broke for bankruptcy was good for me!

Tweet           CNN Money just recently published an article called “Too Broke to go Bankrupt”, I thought this article was right on time considering throughout this month I will be blogging about different topics on the subject of DEBT.  The title of the article was eye catching, because one might ask how could someone be too broke to be bankrupt, wondering if
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How to recognize the signs of Debt Related Depression

TweetIt’s no secret or fallacy that Debt Related Depression does not exist, and statistics show that 8 out 10 families  have one or even two family members who may be suffering with Debt Related Depression without getting help.    Many individuals ignore the warning signs, and do not get help.  Individuals, who put off treating their Debt Related Depression Symptoms, may
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