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Student Loan Interest Rate Hikes, What do you think?

TweetIn the next coming months the current subsidized student loan interest rate of 3.4 percent will be expiring  and the new increase tax rate will be 6.8 percent.   The increase interest rate hike could increase some student loan payments an extra $1,000, which could impact 7.4 million students according to the White House.  Read more.

6 Tips to Eliminate Debt for Couples

TweetCommitting to a marital partnership can be one of the most intimidating life events that two individuals may face.   But when you add personal finances woes, for example uncontrollable debt to the mix;   the combination can be lethal to a relationship.  Debt problems can either arise before a marriage or during the marital union, recognizing the warning signs are key. 
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12 Tips to Build Wealth for 2012

TweetHello Money Mentors, this is my first blog post for this website Your Money Mentor.  I’m not new to blogging, I’ve been blogging about Personal Finance and Wealth Building since 2010, for my business website.  I’m looking forward to 2012, so I know I have my work ahead of me. Here are my 12 tips that I want to share
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