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Are you Truly Independent

TweetYesterday was 4th of July also known as Independence Day, if you’re an  American citizen you know the day is the celebration and birthday of United States of America.   The holiday serves as of rememberance of the US gaining their freedom and independence from England.   But this article is not a  history lesson on the 4th of July, it is
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What lane are traveling in for Financial Freedom!

TweetMy goal is to achieve Financial Freedom at an accelerated pace,  do you think it’s wrong and do you judge other individuals who want to travel in the fastlane in order for Financial Freedom to become a reality.  Many people when they hear the words, obtaining wealth the fast way, they automatically think.  “Get rich quick scheme”!   Those thoughts can
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What Financial Freedom means to me!

TweetMany people have different views on Financial Freedom, and I agree the meaning is a personal preference.  I believe there is no defined meaning to Financial Freedom, in the video below, you will find out why I want to pursue mastering internet marketing to gain Financial Freedom. Make a step towards Financial Freedom by creating your own online assets.


I’m no longer shackled!

TweetToday marks my one year anniversary, last year on this date I decided not to update my U-4 with my broker dealer and continue my position as a Financial Advisor.  Even after all the paper work was completed and processed with FINRA, I questioned my actions.  I even considered going to another firm a month later, interviewing with one firm,
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Why do some people refuse to get access to a Financial Education?

TweetI know the title to this article will offend some people who will read this, but I have to address this matter.  A week ago I was invited to attend a meeting with an organization about how we could bring Financial Literacy to the general public, and why now it is an urgent need to bring this information to those
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