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Join me on my 12 Weeks Financial Challenge to generate $1k Online in Passive Income

TweetHey It’s Financial Literacy Month and I am kicking it off with a bang.  I’m on a mission to show and document my journey to generate on a consistent basis $1k online.  Many people have been told all their life that the only way to make money is to work hard.  But the problem is the same people who have
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Why do some people refuse to get access to a Financial Education?

TweetI know the title to this article will offend some people who will read this, but I have to address this matter.  A week ago I was invited to attend a meeting with an organization about how we could bring Financial Literacy to the general public, and why now it is an urgent need to bring this information to those
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unfair advantage

The Unfair Advantage – Knowledge is the New Currency

Tweet Sometimes a bad personal experience can have an impact on your life forever, and that’s just what happen to me back in 1998.  I did everything I was told to do that would allow me to gain success and money in life.  I graduated from a good college ,  I started my career at a top tier accounting firm,
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2013 goals

6 Strategies to Help you Build Wealth in the New Year

TweetIf building wealth and increasing your financial knowledge is an area of goal setting you want to accomplish for the New Year.  Here are 6 strategies to get you started to achieve your personal financial independence. 1.    Create Assets or Buy Assets – In order to increase your current income, it is important that you have assets that you own
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