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Why do some people refuse to get access to a Financial Education?

TweetI know the title to this article will offend some people who will read this, but I have to address this matter.  A week ago I was invited to attend a meeting with an organization about how we could bring Financial Literacy to the general public, and why now it is an urgent need to bring this information to those
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Blog Carnival for Young Adults

TweetI got a chance to contribute to Financial Carnival for Young Adults – 11th Edition, hosted by 20’s Finances.  Don’t forget to check out the other bloggers who contribute as well.  See here.

Blog Carnival Time

TweetI got a chance to be featured in my first personal finance blog carnival hosted by Passive Income to Retire.  This was the Carnival of Retirement – 14th edition.  Listed below are some of the other bloggers featured, don’t forget to check them out.  Click link below. Carnival of Retirement – 14th Edition

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Beginner Blogger Challenge

TweetOne of my fellow PF bloggers at Passive Income to Retire, decided to put together a Beginner Blogger Challenge.  I decided to step to the plate and take part of this endeavor, because so many people I know personally who don’t blog, always ask me:  (1) why do you bother blogging in the first place and (2) how do you
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Yakezie Challenge!

TweetI have taken the plunge and decided to join a group of online personal finance bloggers, on a popular personal finance site called Yakezie.  I cannot remember how I stumbled across the website online, but I do read a lot of popular personal finance blogs.  One thing I found in common with all of them is that they had this
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